Patch Notes 18.4.1


  • The new paint cans now have the correct weight.
  • The color ‘Celadon’ should now be dropping as intended.
  • The entrance to ‘The Yell’ instance is adjusted to not spawn the player behind the painting when exiting.
  • Quest texts adjusted for the Fashionista skill choice and the two Rollercoaster races (timers).
  • Flowerport to the ‘Wet Lake’ moved from Crystal Lake to the main fishing area.
  • Removed two floating NPCs at the NE forbidden fishing area (NI).
  • Changed the value/level on a few paint cans.
  • The odds of catching fish in the AG fishing area has increased a little bit.

Known Issues:

  • At this moment, none of the event areas can be used to set events. We hope to figure out why and make them work.

I’m curiuos why “Wet Lake” flowerport was moved?
It’s now like in the middle of nowhere and only some people might come here accidently.
And if you really want to sweat here, it takes too long to get back after you die in my opinion.

There are three “sweatbots” now and it was moved so that it will make it easier to sweat while fishing. For those that wants to just get to a bot fast, then the wet circle is the best option.
And if that one is dragged away or people just don’t like the skeleton, there is the bot in club fight.

Hm, this can actually be good idea if it can be sweated while fishing :slightly_smiling_face:
Will definitely check it later then :grin:

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