Would you consider new Dailies/Weeklies to put the less used loot to use

Hey there!

The issue that many people might be having is sitting on a oversupply of crystals/mob parts that have no “practical” uses, meaning mostly for furniture and clothing.

The dailies/weeklies would require you to hand specific kinds of loots and/or crafted products. Some of these could be more common crafted components, but also crafting randomly chosen furniture and clothing.

These mission could reward you with Tokens that can be exchanged for a number of (L) gear/consumables/some unique clothing or furniture/etc. Maybe even just giving players a fixed MU to sell these items in a limited amount as Uni Ammo.

This should drive up demand for all kinds of crystals/mob parts that are seldom ever bought/sold and allow players to put them into use.

My hope would be to stimulate the economy and players can deal with the “storage full of stuff that has some value so I dont wanna sell it but it keeps piling up”-issue.

Let me know what you think!


We would have to look this over more carefully before really saying anything about it.
We constantly give materials more and more use, but since we can’t have weapons it will often be furniture and decorations that’s true.
The use of tokens is a little bit unclear atm what we could do with that,
but as always, we welcome feedback and new ideas.
However, right now we’re busy working on the VU so it might take a while before we can have any news on this. But thank you for the input :slight_smile:

We constantly give materials more and more use, but since we can’t have weapons it will often be furniture and decorations that’s true.

When you say that you can’t have weapons, I imagine that MindArk puts some kind of impediment to a planet developing weapons that are not the ancient ones or the Armatrix… I think it is something that limits development, but well, I suppose it is something that Planet Partners already know from the beginning.
Well, no weapons… but let’s look at Toulan: They developed a vehicle with Nawa, not with Oil… in which case let’s imagine a vehicle native to Next Island whose Oil is a series of unused, refined crystals… Could be?

I imagine those tokens to work like something you just build up while doing the mission but they do need to be worthwile and if not giving the player PED back directly it would have to save them PED by them not having to buy something they usually would need to. Temporarily ofc.

Even if there are more uses, the amount of players on NI is quite limited and so is the potential for player trading. This is intended to help players that play alot on NI and accumulate alot items by themselves, as well as less active players needing to buy materials more often.

It all depends on how useful those rewards can become of course.

Might be possible yes.

There are several variables to consider, and many results that we can’t see before after it’s done so that’s why it will need some thinking. But ofc we want to encourage trading on NI. Absolutely.