2022 Reward Redemption Thread

Avatar: Mythical Razizeh Dragon
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/razizeh
Month: October

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1634844244 (12h)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1637482258 (7h)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1637669365 (10h)

Avatar: Nakor of Boreft
Category: Lore creation
Month: ctober
My stories can be found: Lore Submission Thread - #129 by Nakor

Thanks for giving us this great opportunity!!

Avatar: Xx Purplebong xX
Category: Lore
My 5 Chapters - October submission

Posted here: Lore Submission Thread - #130 by Purplebong

Thank you,


Avatar: Anatol RidRock Bondarenko
Category: YT videos
Month: October

total 50 point

Avatar: Matisyahu dllr root
Category: Event Organizers
Submitted for October 2022
Content: 3 events in total
Points: 4x15 =60 points - 3x BIG IND SSI 1x Deus Vult

Avatar: Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
Catagory: Youtube Videos
Month: October


Avatar: La Dela Dalinha
Month: October
Category: Lore
5 entries: #31 to #35

Posted on: lore-submission-thread/77/131

1500 words of lore/mission line for October
enough for 5 parts but didnt split it up as once again late to the party :person_facepalming:t4:
sorry for any inconvenience

Lore/Mission storyline

if the event runs next year i will add more <3

Ava Avy-Leigh Val

October 2022

Category - Events

2 October 2022 - SSI bought from 4 Players - 15 Points
9 October 2022 - SSI bought from 5 Players - 15 Points
16 October 2022 - SSI bought from 6 Players - 15 Points
30 October 2022 - SSI bought from 5 Players - 15 Points

thank u for another great one!

Avatar: Mike th3Gaashi Shiro
Month: October
Category: Events

Event #1 October - 02/10/2022

Event #2 October - 16/10/2022

Event #3 October - 23/10/2022

Event #4 October - 24/10/2022

Event #5 October - 30/10/2022

Thank you all for participating in this months events :smiley:

Stephen Kai Jackson



13 events x 15 points = 195

((Sorry for getting this up late, computer issues))

Hssc and ffsi event - General Discussions / Events - Next Island

((Edited because i forgot to link event page))

Avatar: Auberon Night Night
Category: Lore submission
5 parts
Month: October

Avatar: Dr Clausius Jr.

October 2022
Category - Events

4 for events (SSI by BIG Industries) for a total of 60 points

have the September and October results come out yet?

I just want to be sure I don’t miss them!

No results yet for these months.

there is ,posted 19h ago