Blueprint books

I was wondering if its possible to make the ni blueprint books have slots for different ni related bps. At the moment its kind of hard to find the blueprints I’m looking for and whether I have two of the same. Sometimes it leads me to selling the wrong blueprint and I end up having to start again will a 0.01 tt blueprint. Plus there’s a sense of satisfaction having a filled blueprint book of all ni blueprints
:open_book: :open_book: :open_book: :open_book: :open_book: :closed_book: :green_book: :blue_book: :orange_book: :notebook_with_decorative_cover: :notebook: :open_book: :open_book: :open_book:


Hey Cat,

Nice Idea! I’ll have a look and see if this is something we could do :heart:

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Great suggestion.
After few years I have so many blueprint from all over the universe and my storage is constantly on 499/500.
But you can go one step closer and change the books with something else. RT has BP suitcase I think.
So something that will go with the lore. Cyclop pouch or something.
May be even a mission to get them books/boxes…

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Also I think the L BP stack size limit of 100 seems unnecessary and should be removed on NI blueprints because it takes up extra space, other L blueprints in game have no stack limits. Also the blueprint books from calypso also change in appearance the more you fill them which I think is cool.