Crafty Crafter Starter Pack

To celebrate the excellent VU NI just had (as if it would be any less this is NI after all) I am handing out crafter starter packs of blueprints from my storage (Yes yes I should have cleaned this long ago)

If you already have these blueprints please leave it for someone else to take as there are limited number of packs.

Strider Packs: 5 off
[Dark Lysterium Cogs Blueprint]
[Chrysoberyl Fasteners Blueprint]
[System Stabilizer Blueprint]
[Basic Bearings Blueprint]
[Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint]
[Basic Screws Blueprint]
[Basic Structure Blueprint]
[Basic Filters Blueprint]
[Basic Sensor Blueprint]
[Lamp Attachments Blueprint]
[Chair Frame Blueprint]
[Rubber Lists Blueprint]
[Mankini (M,C) Blueprint]
[Jungle Shorts (C) Blueprint]
[Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C) Blueprint]

Surprise Packs: 5 off
12 Random blueprints

If you are interested in a blueprint pack comment here. Hand outs will happen Saturday 23 September, after SSI @ 16:30 game time at my shop on Carnival Island.
Comment must state which pack you want. First come first serve. One pack per player.


Surprise pack!

Though if you are getting rid of Chrysoberyl fasteners and Jungle shorts, I do need those :smiley: