CRP 2022: May Results

Greetings all :blush:

Apologies for the slightly longer wait, but here are the results for the May Submissions of the Community Recognition Program. Thank you all for your great effort and work in supporting Next Island and being a part of our great community.

As usual, your can find the results below by clicking on the dropdowns for each section.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact me here on the forum, in game or on Discord. If you feel something is wrong or has been missed, please don’t stress - I’m sure we can get things resolved.

Collection Dates

Collection Dates will be posted tomorrow and will extend across the week covering various timezones. Please check the thread tomorrow as there will be a reply to this post with the times. Alternatively, you can enable notifications for this thread at the bottom by pressing the bell icon. When posted, all times are automatically converted to your local timezones (check if you have a VPN on with different country).



Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
Dante Artorius Inferno
Angela Draniie Cloud
Mythical Razizeh Dragon
Steve StevieB Braggs
Sophia Electra Sanders
Ricardo Rick Sanchez
Bob Quasher Bobby
Tiffany Cummings Peniston
Denis Snz Davidov
Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa
Vidmantas Vill Laukys
Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
Isme Isme Gotitt
Zilestian Zessti Dru
Leola Leola Resident
Arc Lee Snillum
Nakor of Boreft
hun horus55 wut
Xx Purplebong xX
WellPlayed Cod4 WellPlayed
Vic Oskar Skaya
shaman SYNshaman Lotus
Auberon Night Night
Wand AxeMurderer Silva
Matisyahu dllr root
Ava Avy-Leigh Val
Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters
Anatol RidRock Bondarenko
La Dela Dalinha
Jeffy Kakan Andreasson
stephen kai jackson
Fatteus Fatty Thorsson
Balam Balam TheKing

Need More Details

Please contact me on Discord or Forum if your name appears on this list. You are not disqualified, I just either have some questions or require more information.

Czumbil Mczimi Imre
Dr. Clausius Jr
Mike th3Gaashi Shiro
Tiger Tigs Switfclaw


Nacho-Kun GamersLandPro FFersaca | Not enough Likes
Northern Stray Titan | Not enough average viewers

Thanks again for participating and hope you enjoy your rewards. Best of luck for the next month and wish you all the best in Entropia!

Socrates :heart:


So when do we get to see you again and get that piece of armor, friend? :wink: <3

Says to watch out for a reply.

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Any update on when collection times will be at?

Collection Dates

These will come out in small chunks as I am away from home currently.


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I’m assuming that’s server time? kind of short notice XD

I think I’ll have to get my piece from you another time. Maybe next time you hand them out, assuming I qualify again, give me two? I’m off planet right now and don’t know when I am getting back. Also, next time I need at least a day’s notice. Life is hectic and I didn’t see your post until 17 hours after you posted. Sorry to be such a pain.

i think that there will be more times coming. This is just the first round
I think. :slight_smile:

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The time will show as your time zone time, not in game time but real life time based on where you live

It’s not a problem, I totally understand. Usually I tend to put them out up to a week in advance, but currently I’m away from home with a busy schedule, so I could not commit at this moment to times beyond the next day or so.

Yes, I usually give out as many pieces as are owed so you can collect them all at once.

More times will be coming, so just keep an eye out :slight_smile:


More Collection Times


Will you be doing any collections later in the evening? like 8pm/9pm ish?

I can do my best to get up in time for the early ones, but no guarentee I will be coherent enough to push the right buttons :sleeping:

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I’m not sure what your evening is, but the latest one above ends at 11pm my time. The best bet would be ones even earlier in my morning, but I’ll keep that in mind for next lot of times.

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okie dokie!
The latest time in the last group is 5pm for me.

When the next bunch of times come out I will try to be awake and coherent enough to meet you :slight_smile:

yesterday i left Cyrene to come here for my piece, but at the hour ( 23:30 spain ) Socrates was not here… i think the personalized hour in this forum not work… :frowning:

Maybe the next month :slight_smile: