CRP: June Results

Greetings all!

Hope everyone is doing well! As you all know July was a busy time with the deployment of our new forum - which I hope everyone is getting used to now :grin:. As always, a huge thank you to all of you who take the time and effort to make some great NI content.

I really enjoying hanging out with many of you as you stream (sometimes I sneakily watch the stream without saying anything :wink: ) as well as reading the lore submissions. As you know we are doing our best to get these Lore Submissions moved onto the website.

Along with that activity, I’ll also be building up a complete catalogue of links for NI YouTube videos that have been created during the program so far.

Armour Collecting
For those of you needing to collect armour, I have set aside some time Wednesday, and Thursday for collecting your armour pieces. After these events, I will post more times as a reply to this post. To collect, please message me in-game between the following times:


Community Nomination
This month the winner of the community nomination will be going to Jo Johaoninho90 jo for his continued efforts in events on NI, as well as his overwhelming support, help and care for the community.

Jo has come up with a SUPER creative event, which I suggest you check out here. Additionally he has been creating some animated banners for various members of the community and events.

So thank you Jo, please keep up with the high energy and creativity :heart:

List of Players

Dante Artorius Inferno
Ricardo Rick Sanchez
Yumina Urnea Belfast
Mythical Razizeh Dragon
Eve Evey Everglades
Lamia Majora Pechunter
Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
Alexander Sertani Garpt
Sev Severina Lothander
Ekimose Desnago Born
Penny Penelope Lane
Din Dindom Dindazzle
one crappy player
Mindi Pink Lotus
Michal Dorki Dorcak
Sarah SarahWatson Watson
Jessica Jessie Richard
Vic Oskar Skaya
Tomy Hayday de Burg
jeffy kakan andreasson
Jo Johaoninho90 jo
Avalon Butterfly Erupter
Stepehen Kai Jackson
Merlin Star Blazer
lena Dark13 Sol
Michael Mike Masters
Patrick Patrikan Habaton
Auberon Night Night

Player Receiving a Strider this month

This does not include players who were awarded one last month but have not collected it

Lamia Majora Pechunter
Merlin Star Blazer
Jo Johaoninho90 jo

As always, any issues or concerns - please message me here on the forum or on Discord. (Or in-game but replies will be slower).

Thank you all again! Much Love from Socrates :heart:


Congratz to everyone who qualified for an armor piece this month. I think it was 47 of us! That’s amazing yall. I can’t wait to run some numbers and figure out how many full sets there will be.


Mama needs a new armor set. :robot:


Thank you all, that’s 18 players who have picked up their armour parts today. Please keep an eye on the times in the original post if you haven’t yet :slight_smile:


Awesome. Congrats to Jo for getting the nomination he truly deserves it. And to everyone else for all their efforts to make NI a hub of activity.
And of course thank you to the devs for all their efforts and this program to make us excited about hosting events


Hi all!
The second month I can not meet with dear Socrates.
My buddies want to see some of the great armor :slight_smile: i really want it too!
Will there be a new meeting time?

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Probably next months, when the next armor part is traded.

New Dates/Times for Collection:



one thing … this month the results of June are being given, but they really should be those of July … the previous month nothing was delivered because the forum was being renewed … so either this month or the next two pieces are given to the winners, or we will end a month beyond what was said at first

Thank you! I’m very pleased! So we’ll see you soon!

Posting this here as I do not really know were to post it for help. I did the community program through streaming for the months of May, June and July. I posted all streaming links on the old forums for May and June. Seen when the new forums went up that it was posted, we did not need to repost for the month of June. But now when the list of streamer that get the armor went up I am not listed. I would like to know why and to see if this can be fixed. I have sent PM’s to Socrates here on the forums and in discord but there is no reply as of yet. So posting here now to see if I can get some help on this please.

I think just the review of the submissions is slow and coming 1 month later. Now was given the armor for June. The submission for July are posted, but will be reviewed with delay.

These are all Entropia times correct?

On my forum view, it automatically converted to my local time zone (Toronto, Canada). Do check to see if it also converted to your local time


@Socrates Will there be a time for the collection on next week also?

All times are automatically converted to your local time as @vic_skaya mentioned.

Omg that’s amazing. I had no clue that was even a thing. What is this witchcraft?!?!


Hey, just to check, this is going to always say “todays” date right? When it was actually the 9th? Just so I know when to log in for!!

It says “Today” meaning literally today. Like it adjusts to your timezone, it will change from “tomorrow” to “today” accordingly :slight_smile:

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I agree with Draniie, its sorcery :smiley: Ty for the info!