CRP: March Results

Greetings all!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to create great content for Next Island. Between joining streams and reading over Lore Submissions I’ve really enjoyed what’s been going on :heart:

Important: If you don’t see your name on the list, and you are certain you expect to be there - you are welcome to contact me on the forum or on Discord and we can have a chat.

As for the rewards, I will be on over the next few days free to trade with everyone, don’t worry if you aren’t around for any reason, we’ll get your rewards to you eventually.

Community Nomination:
We’ve had lots of great nominations for the community reward, which is great to see. However, there can only be one, and I would like to congratulate Pollianna cat1000er Fairling! Cat has done an absolutely amazing job at creating a website database with vast amounts of mission info, creature maps, and lots and lots of NI related info. It’s clear just how much effort has gone into this resource, so on behalf of Next Island, well done and thank you Cat! Here is the site for anyone interested: NI Helper

Name List:
  • Dante Artorius Inferno
  • David Draxar Born
  • Alaina Bonnie Knight
  • Eve Evey Everglades
  • Ekimose Desnago Born
  • Yumina Urnea Belfast
  • Stirge Stirge Stirge
  • Ava Avy-Leigh Val
  • Feng Huan SecretAznMan Zho
  • Avalon Butterfly Erupter
  • Steve StevieB Braggs
  • Happyf33tTV
  • Din Dindom Dindazzle
  • Wand AxeMurderer Silva
  • Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
  • Michael Loaferman Loafington
  • Iena Dark13 Sol
  • Mythical Razizeh Dragon
  • Sarah SarahWatson Watson
  • Michael Mike Masters
  • Jeffy Kakan Andreasson
  • Angela Draniie Cloud
  • Vic Oskar Skaya
  • SpikE SpikE Odets
  • Alexander Sertani Garpt
  • Sev Seventia Lothander
  • Auberon Night Night
  • Kenpachi SilentCrow BlackFalcon
  • Jessica Jessie Richard
  • Patrick Patrikan Habaton
  • Daniel Outman Jackson
  • Michal Dorki Dorcak
  • Ciprian Cip13 Banescu
  • Erebereberto Ma Fe

Congratulations to everyone here. I hope you’ve enjoyed participating so far, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your brand new, super shiny armour!

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