Disciple Armour Bug

Hello Next Islanders,

We understand there is a bug involved with getting the correct disciple armour to be given when graduating the mentorship program. This is a problem that has affected multiple planet partners in the past, and is actively being worked on by MA. Please send support cases to MindArk with your full avatar name, and any information about when and where you graduated your discipleship. We will coordinate with MindArk to try and solve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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I was under the impression this bug had been fixed last week in vu17.11.0 the release notes say: “Fixed an issue causing incorrect graduation rewards from the mentoring system.”

But today my disciple graduated on next island and received pixie armor instead.

So not sure what was fixed.

So it was not fixed then? I understood it was sorted out now and have been telling people it is fixed.