Elysian Supply Cache | Final Results

Greetings all,

We have received the final, verified results for the Elysian Supply Cache hunting event as you can see below.

As for collection of prizes, I will be setting up some times across next week for general collection. These times will be posted in thread below on Monday. During these times I will be online in-game and all you need to do is send me a message on Forum or Discord and I will trade you your prize.

Of course, if I am in-game anyway outside of these times you are welcome to message.

Thank you to everyone who took part, we truly hope you had fun and enjoyed the format.


Event Position Avatar Mob Highest Global Score
1 Nanashana Nana Itsanai Great White Shark Stalker 26509 24
2 Mario Jupiter Barbosa Great White Shark Stalker 24358 16
3 Girts Smilgs Niedra Centaur Chieftain 1648 16
4 Lars Mr Lars Sebra Great White Shark Stalker 12788 15
5 Kamonpach BKK Empress Great White Shark Guardian 3797 15
6 gaina messi91 cristi Centaur Raidleader 24870 12
7 Eve Evey Everglades Centaur Raider 676 12
8 rufus deathouse dragon Sand Boar 2442 11
9 Shildas Shilda Shilds Centaur Gatherer 24334 9
10 penethol junkman bloodsteel Centaur Hunter 2404 9
11 Bart AceMan Simpson Storm Drake Stalker 2367 9
12 Raven Lunchbox Palehorse Centaur Scavenger 27270 7
13 Legendary MastaJ MastaJ Sand Boar 2907 6
14 Feng Huan SecretAznMan Zho Centaur Guardian 1064 6
15 Andrew agalvayne Galvayne Vulcan Drake Dominant 926 6
16 Trish Trisha Daleya Great White Shark Prowler 2175 5
17 Mike KingMike007 Hussey Great White Shark Provider 2294 4
18 Alin Stormy Spiler Great White Shark Old Alpha 911 4
19 juan juanxo jaramillo Storm Drake Stalker 738 4
20 Dumitru Skynet Alin Sand Boar 601 4
21 john n1ghtmare1 ridinger Great White Shark Prowler 578 4
22 Boo Who You Centaur Gatherer 548 4
23 ObZen HevyDavy Stengah Sand Boar 15868 3
24 Michael Mike Duval Snow Drake Alpha 4282 3
25 Windwalker Arkanos Lawbreaker Great White Shark Old 2658 3
26 costel Bill Botezatu Sand Boar 1921 3
27 White fantasy Jenna Great White Shark Mature 1401 3
28 James Francis Cameron Great White Shark Stalker 1382 3
29 Mættèu Cirrus Mérovée Desert Crawler Prowler 1323 3
30 Threat Level Midnight Great White Shark Mature 851 3
31 Phoenix Phoenix Fire Great White Shark Old Alpha 580 3
32 John Black Knight Centaur Raidleader 570 3
33 Niklas Negolas Hedlund Sand Boar 484 3
34 Andova Andie the Wise Centaur Scavenger 433 3
35 Dr namn Mugg Sand Boar 18320 2
36 Gunnm Dampsomfan Tolv Sand Boar 4094 2
37 Dakusingh Muksy MuK’s Great White Shark Stalker 3544 2
38 Wand AxeMurderer Silva Desert Crawler Dominant 2104 2
39 Mira Rajfira Kornelia Sand Boar 1824 2
40 Patrick Pennywise Mcshakerz Great White Shark Prowler 1693 2
41 Victoria Vaak Mindful Sand Boar 1209 2
42 Illithya Pig Tails Great White Shark Guardian 872 2
43 Jeanette Jeanni Lundquist Myrinian Devastator 770 2
44 Emir Sulje Suljetovic Steropes Fighter 737 2
45 Mick Dicka Dicka Centaur Hunter 571 2
46 JoElle Jo Fields Sand Boar 490 2
47 Chris Ferial Book Sand Boar 488 2
48 Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa Desert Crawler Old Alpha 3958 1
49 jonas brukits holgersson Myrinian Weak 2928 1
50 Kentril Kentril Doomon Sand Boar 2140 1

Woohoo I won a prize!!!


Technically still Monday somewhere but I’m just too excited to stay quiet :sweat_smile: Do we need to meet up in person on Next Island or can we be anywhere to receive our prizes?

Collection Times

All times are automatically converted to your local time.


Just send me a PM in-game during these times :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I will not be able to arrive home in time for tonight’s collection time. More times beyond This week will go up if needed.

Not coming on at this time? How about tonight?

I’m here, will hang around for a couple hours extra.

Will I be able to pick the prize up at some point later on? My account has been locked out for days because EU/MA can’t tell the difference between a hardware NIC and a virtual one!!!

Somehow I missed this post, but will be here on NI if there are more dates.

More Dates for Collection

All times automatically converted to your local time

As a side note for everyone, you can turn on notifications for this thread by hitting the bell icon, so you’ll know when I post new times.


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Great! Any specific location for the transaction?

As per my initial post, you just need to send me a PM in game.

Are you coming online Socrates?

Delayed due to sickness, I’ll be there in 15mins for some additional time.

Sorry to hear that, and thanks!

Hi Socrates, when can I expect to see you online?? I still haven’t seen you online nor had a reply to any offline messages?

Mick Dicka

Hey! We’ve had 9 separate collection sessions, but if you were unable to make those, please suggest some time that may work for you so I can find a time that works :slight_smile:

I’m online now for around 1 hour. I can try and get on again tomorrow around 1900-2100 MA time if that helps?