Error in snow weapons

Snow weapons are great, but… they have two bugs:

The Snowballer is sooooo hard to aim at a target… apparently it fires, but it doesn’t, so I suspect it might be a bug with the alpha channels, like the Tide Claws on Cyrene.

Toy Snowballgun is a BLP weapon, but… better, see the photo :slight_smile:

A Laser Amplifier???

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Hey Dante,

This is something we can look into, and I’ll get back to you on what the team say. In regards to firing, this I believe is not a bug but something to do with how the system works with these types of weapons (I believe the same as the Arkadia miniguns). Or rather, a bug for MA perhaps.

But yes, doesn’t seem to be the correct type of amp! :smiley:

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I believe it’s a platform issue on the reload. There are actually other weapons in game like this that can use laser amps even though blp and have existed for years, it’s not a bad thing laser amps are better anyway.