FireFist's Customer Reward Program

Each Month I will do a raffle for .25% from total revenue for the entire month. The raffle will be held on the 1st of every month for the previous month. This will be shared between all shops/booth I own at the moment of the drawing.

Booth here /wp [Planet Toulan, 134372, 96659, 176, FireFists Booth]
Shop here /wp [Next Island, 128111, 86514, 145, FireFists Shop]

How this will work

  • When you purchase an item from my booth you will receive 1 raffle ticket.
  • If the item is +100 you would receive 3 raffle tickets.
  • You DONT have to do anything to receive the raffle ticket. Simply the purchase will be recorded with all the info I need and I’ll handle it there. NO in game msg’s or forum posts need to be done. Everyone will be added no matter the situation unless obviously someone simply opt’s out.
  • I will share the total amount each month revenue + reward + reward winner
  • This program is simple the more the community helps each other and directs ppl to booths they will be rewarded due to more purchases means a higher prize pool for everyone. So, be involved and help grow our communities.
  • You cannot purchase raffle tickets. Raffle tickets can ONLY be received from buying an item via the booth due to game tracking. All items are considered a valid sale for the raffle.
  • Disclaimer YOU are not guaranteed to win simply because you bought more than everyone else this is a raffle so, theres a chance you dont win. Everything is subject to change but, I will NOT change it during the middle of the month. If I change something it will always be for the next coming month. So, if I increase or decrease the incentive it will not affect the current month. These things will change as I adjust to the community and see where this takes us. Im not required to provide this service and can end it at anytime but, I will never end in the middle of the month like any changes. Also, if an amount increases that doesnt mean you “deserve” i higher reward for past raffles nor does it mean you are to return rewards is the reward decreases. Again this is a Program im offering and not required to do. Lets be constructive on how to make things better.
  • Im providing this service as a thank you for shopping with me and help the community as I can.
  • Please don’t purchase items simply for the raffle use moderation. I’m providing this service simply just another thing to help bridge the gap of your hunts and mining runs. If you’d like to see something in the booth that you’re committed in purchasing on multiple occasions within reason I can look into providing the items but, wont guarantee that i can provide simply due to limited IP.

If you end up winning the raffle and youre not online i will hold your reward for however long til we meet up. Future thoughts are i will start streaming I believe and ill stream the raffle on the 1st just so, theres at least a record/evidence of whats happening to show transparency. Also, the one requirement to continue to be eligible of the Customer reward Program will be to simply comment on this forum post saying how much you were rewarded and when.

I will accept suggestions on how to provide the Reward Program on any topic. Unless the suggestion is 100% needs a fix all suggestions will be community influenced. IE maybe your example is instead of 1 raffle winner maybe 3? then we’d get the community involved and see if we want 1 winner of the entire prize pool or the prize pool to be split in 3 tiers? then we vote.

Also, let me know if anything can be improved in the thread to provide clarity since id like ppl to refer ppl to this thread so, everyone knows how this all works. I’ve posted on the booth about the program and where to go but, if everyone worked together obviously then it would run smoother. :smiley:

Now last thing I’d like to add this is in some ways a “Beta” pilot program because theres a lot to learn from all this. But, what I want to add is I will be looking at ways to provide more benefits for reoccurring customers, Some sort of tiered reward program on top of this existing one. Let me know if you have ideas

Thank You to Everyone Again and I look forward to being more involved in the Community as we continue our adventures together!


This seem like a very good idea Firefist and I hope you find success with it!


Get ready the 1st is almost here :smiley:

Starts today! Lets have a little fun with our regular purchases :smiley: talk to you guys in game :smiley:

for anyone following the program next months program the reward % will be increased and multiple winners will take part instead of only 1. I dont have specifics yet but, something to follow.

Remember the more sold the higher the raffled reward is. So, referring ppl to my shop with a sale increases the reward though it does add a raffle ticket.

I thought about it also, if I let ppl know mid month what we’re looking at maybe ppl would like that.
So, with current Reward system if it was to be raffled today we’re at almost 2.5ped as the reward. So, 1 lucky person for buying w/e they did in my shop/booths will receive minimum almost 2.5ped. With current purchases. Thanks to all of you for shopping with me and I look forward to more to come :smiley:

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Hello, guys/gals thank you for all your support but, due to recent events I have to close this Reward Program Til i can get confirmation that it doesn’t break ToS. Right now ill note where we left off and if we can proceed we will like nothing happened but, til then please bare with me and Hopefully we can keep going forward thanks again for understanding.

Wont be continuing this reward program since its a no no apologize to anyone that only purchased due to the reward program and if thats the case let me know and ill refund the items during the period of time i was doing this.