Friday night is Fight Night

In the tradition of Fight Club we bring you Fight Night
On April the 8th as the 1st Friday night of the month we are holding Fight Night at the octagon at Conqs rest at 8pm for 30min
Two will enter the ring at a time and only 1 will survive.
This is a fight to the death with blood, sweat and tears expected to flow.

Contestants will be grouped based on HP.

  • Light - Up to 125hp
  • Medium - 126 till 150hp
  • Heavey - 151hp till 180hp
  • Open - 181 and over
    No armor, no rings
    Weapon will be the TT powerfist no amps no enhancer
    Entry is free
    No need to prebook you can speak to me, the host, at the event and get a slot
    Spectators are welcome
    There will be prizes
    Contestants will be scanned before the match. Use of steriods(enhancers of any kind) will be detected and will cause a ban

In pvp there is no auto target so skill is at play and standing still may not be the best idea.
Should you wish to fight but there was no time you will have a slot at the next Fight Night
Sponsors are welcome and will be advertised as such.
Winners of each event will be posted here
In time we will hold a championship. Current fights are for standing and to bring glory to your house. And prezzies of course.


Apologies for the late update.
The event was great fun and the lesson learned was to never underestimate girls.
Yes I was beaten by a girl.

Current championship standings

The Light Weight (Featherweight) Champion is Dea Devil from Deus Vult
The Middleweight Champion is Pollianna cat1000er from Helping on Next Island
The Heavyweight Champion is dllr root from Deus Vult

No one in Open category competed. Keep you eyes on the forum for the next fight night. For the next event we will start earlier to allow for more to be able to fight

Notes. Decay was under 50pec per fight per fighter
Winnings covered that and more.
Fights last around 5minutes with many many missed hits.


Another fight this friday?