Socrates' Thunderdome #2

Welcome to the next Socrates’ Thunderdome - The PvP Event brought to you by Next Island.

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The Pit: /wp [Next Island, 137423, 83450, 104, Waypoint]

This time we’ll be switching up the structure, with the main event divided into two smaller events. Please click on the dropdowns below to view the information and times on the two events.

As we missed last month’s Thunderdome - we’ll be running a bigger event with more prizes, with a total prize pool value of 650 PED.

MindForce Massacre

This will be the first event to take place, and the smaller of the two.

There will be 30 places open. Sign up in the Event Register in-game ASAP.

This event will run from (all times are converted to your Timezone based on your IP): 2021-08-21T22:00:00Z2021-08-21T22:30:00Z


  • Mindforce Only

  • Most Kills Wins

  • Non-Lootable - Decay and Ammo will be added to prize pool.

  • No Vehicles

  • No Radar

  • No Healing

This will be quite the test for even the skilled PvPer. This event set-up is specifically designed to make participants plan Armour and Plate sets very carefully. Without healing, your armour will matter greatly - and with only MindForce, there are many damage types to protect against. I’m sure it will also affect how you choose to fight, and which engagements you take! :slight_smile:


  1. 150 PED + 33% of Total Ammo & Decay

  2. 100 PED + 33% of Total Ammo & Decay

  3. 50 PED + 33% of Total Ammo & Decay

Duels of Fate

This will be the main part of the event. Duels of Fate will see you go 1 vs 1 in a series of fight-offs to see who reigns champion over all!

This event will run directly after the previous above.

There will only be 16 tickets available. You can sign up by messaging me and asking for a place (either through the forum by clicking on my profile picture, or Discord or in-game. I would ask due to the limited number of places, that you only sign up if you are seriously competing. It will be first come first served basis.

At the start, all participants will be randomly paired with another participant. If we do not have a full 16, I will make adjustments in the play-off structure.

Each pair will then be asked to enter the pit (a pair at a time) to fight each other. The only rules in place are as follows:

  • Non-Lootable - Decay will not be returned as is not technically an event, just normal PvP area.

  • You do not start until Socrates tells you to go

  • Duel will be restarted if there are any disturbances by other players

Each pair will do a Best of three.

The winner of each pairing will move to the next round, while the loser will be ejected from the event :slight_smile:

These rounds will carry on until we have a final winner!


  1. Overall Winner: 150 PED

  2. Second Place: 100 PED

  3. Semi-Finalists (who haven’t won either of the above): 50 PED

Warning: Any players who disturb either of the events, with their behaviour in local chat or by interrupting duel events will be warned once, then logged out of the game. While PvP can get heated, all players must remain respectful of others and of the event.

Winners of our previous event:
unknown (3)


So no gear restrictions in Duels if Fate?


This is correct yes :slight_smile:

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