Halloweek | Limited Time Mission

Greetings all,

As Halloween draws near, a small themed mission is now available to complete for some fun, appropriately themed rewards :ghost: . This mission will close next Tuesday.

You can find the mission inside the Crystal Lake building on Carnival Island, and costs 5 Gold Tickets to start. You can obtain BPs to make the tickets from the starter mission at the Carnival Island TP.

Some of you have been looking for hints on completing the mission already, so here is a little tip to help:

You will be required to do one of the following, one kill, attempt, or find:


Lesser Elysia
Block Chisel
Magical Flower
Crystalline Core

Yellow Papoo
Brown Papoo
Red Papoo
Grey Papoo
Mutant Boar
Puny screecher
Village Boar

Good luck Islanders, and Happy Halloween! Feel free to show off your rewards in the thread below :slight_smile:

– Socrates


:joy_cat: I almost had the full list


As for the list of minerals, most likely your mission is not working as expected.

For me personally, it worked when I found (fairly quickly) Dark Lyst. I can’t rule out the fact that with the same attempt I found oil too. However, I know three people who mined throughout the evening and continued the next day. Each of them found tons of Lyst and Oil, of course, and in addition almost the entire list of minerals available on the Next Island. This mission did not count against them. They all managed to complete the mission only by killing the right creature.

So, I’m pretty skeptical about the published list and I don’t rule out that the bug may be not only in mining, but also in hunting and crafting.

Apparently there is some vagueness in the wording of the assignment. It sounds as if you have to choose one activity, whatever you like. However, it is not. There is only one thing from all three lists, not one from each list, as you might think from the mission text.

Thus, if you are unlucky, you may complete all the missions and be rewarded only on the last one.

I gave Katya 5 golden tickets and then nothing happened. I still have the mission but its blank…
did I bug out? It was hard to get these tickets…

Oh is this intentional? If so it’s not very well explained.

It’s okay. Now you need to kill everything on the list, get oil and lyst, and start crafting. Somewhere along the way you will be credited with completing the mission.

It should either tell you the mission, or tell you that it’s a secret one in the mission description so people don’t think its just bugged like I did

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Of course it’s the last mission for me, I did everyone on the list and now need to find a magic flower bp

Got it done! The mission rewarded me with

[“I am alive!” Shirt (F)]
[Bloody Axe (F)]
[Chiton (F)]
[Helen Venture’s Walking Stick Blueprint]
[Fine Lens Blueprint]
[Island Shirt (C) Blueprint]
[Athenian Tunic (C) Blueprint]
[Athenian Head Scarf (F,C) Blueprint]
And 100 ticks of a Boosted BP: [Tropical Shades Blueprint (L)]

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GZ on getting it done ive done every thing but the magic flower bp now =p WTB flower bp lol

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It’s randomly assigned and you will not know which one you have to do. You DO NOT get to choose which one so you just have to work through them all. I actually did all of these for my mission and it was the last thing on the list that completed it (bullman) was a very unique interesting mission so I’m not complaining. I had a lot of fun working them out. I actually managed to work out all but 5 of them from others that had completed the mission which was fun working with others to figure it out


Just want to say thank you to NI for another fun mission. I often find entropia way to simple with no depth to the missions and these kind of missions and carnival island as a theme park adds some color and depth to an otherwise oversimplified game of kill, mine, craft with no requirement for combat skills or investigation. I would like to see more of this. I am sorry some do not agree but I also feel not every mission will be to everyone’s taste. I for one, loved this mission and the frantic players trying everything and running around like headless chickens was so worth watching.


Thanks for all the feedback, always good. :slight_smile:
Just to be clear though, the mission log do give the information but you have to click it to see it like always. Normally you will have a visual objective under the mission name, but for obvious reasons there is none for this misison.

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No it does not.

See my screenshot.
There is zero indication of what to do:

Not in the mission log, or the quest log, or the quest tracker, or from the npc.

It should say something like “The mission is a mystery, play around to try to complete it”

My issue isn’t with the mission or the secret, but just how it it REALLY seems like it’s bugged to me with how it is presented. (I did complete it already so I know it is not bugged, but it really seemed that way, I even relogged twice after getting the mission trying to get a popup…)

Doesn’t the NPC (Katya) say something like, “You must hunt something, or craft something, or mine something. The twist is…you don’t know which!!”…or something similar?

check on https://www.nihelper.com/newest-missions there is a screenshot of the mission dialogue that apparently no one read

I think it is meant to be a mysterious mission. It doesn’t clearly spell out what you’re supposed to accomplish, but I don’t agree with the statement, “There is zero indication of what to do.”

We all had fun (and some frustration) trying to figure out the mysterious tasks. Sharing info with other players was extremely helpful. Now there is a list of possible tasks.

Hope everyone figured out their random task and got the sweet new Halloween swag. GL :slight_smile:


My issue is you pay to start it and then its just ‘nothing’

One more popup saying “Okay goodluck figuring it out go mine hunt and craft etc etc” would be appreciated after sending in the gold tickets in the future, the way it was presented I thought the mission system glitched out and it failed to move to the next step. The mystery element is fine

Well if you only read the mission when accepting it you’ll see it… how many times do they need to tell us? After each kill/probe/craft to keep going?

Halloweek mission log

I added a screenshot from the mission log showing what the Halloweek mission said. So when it was said the mission log did not explain, I do not agree the instruction seems clear to me. Also I want to add that we who did the mission first was the most lost and we then created a list and helped anyone else who did the mission so you had the benefit of the NI players assistance and we even loaned bp’s for those who did not have. Islanders work as a community just ask we will help. We always do.


Yes, regardless it was a very fun mission. Just sharing my opinions :slight_smile: