Holiday Mission 2022

Next Islands holiday mission is now active!
Go see Rudolphina inside the building at Crystal Lake to get your mission to find the hidden presents on Carnival Island, and then just a tiny thing after that.
The cost to start it is 1 Bronze Carnival Ticket. (Which are craftable via the free blueprints you get from a simple exploration mission at the Carnival Entrance Teleporter.)
The quest will be active the rest of the year! :wink:
Happy holidays to you all.


Yay Love it! I am going to be greedy and say I hope there will be more missions next year xD Dont hate me :slight_smile:


Why would we hate you for wanting more :laughing:
But to be fair, before you ask for more you should try this mission with no spoilers and see how you feel by then…


relaxing after Holiday mission
from left to rifgt: cat, Circe, me and Vill.

Happy Hollidays:)


Oof. I may need some hints

Here is some hints. Well more of the correct answer than a hint. :slight_smile:


I was able to complete it, but wow. When you say hidden presents, you weren’t kidding :slight_smile: even with that guide it was pretty tough :laughing:

Yeah, making things interesting but not too easy is not as simple a it might seem.
So I do like to call myself evil, but that’s not really true.
But the goal is ofc to have things hard but not TOO hard.
And that goal will fail sometimes and succeed other times.
That’s just how it is. :slight_smile: