NI Christmas missions

Hello NI team.

After the VU hit on NI, I decided to go to Toulan (as its a short flight).
When I arrived here on Toulan I discovered that they have 3 different special christmas missions with rewards attached to them (the rewards are both fun and cool looking).
Initially I thought id just go for the first stage ,but ended up thinking I might as well get my codex up while working on the mission (as the mission item drops from most mobs).
So after a return to NI to finish the drake daily (so I could gain access to the new VIP house) I find myself heading back to Toulan to finish this grinding mission. This also gives Toulan a chance to show me what they have on offer otherwise.

There is alot of players doing the christmas missions here on Toulan. People like me, that usually spend time on thier homeplanet, are gatherd here to take part of the christmas missions and it seems like the word is spreading. Now I hear that Cyrene also has some special christmas missions. The good thing is that regardless of your level u can take part in these missions.

So to the point :slight_smile: ! I wish NI had similar missions. Its nice to do something out of the ordinary during christmas time to break of from the normal ingame activity that you do. Id much rather spend my ped on NI’s christmas missions then any other planet and I hope I will next year!

Im sure you guys have your reasons why you dont have these missions but still I wanted to share my thoughts :slight_smile: . Stay Awsome NI team!


Omg…I now notice the number of this post. Perhaps this idea isnt so good after all…(kidding)

lol zessti, hanz will be happy with that post number. but yus I agree would love to see a Christmas mission chain for ni maybe next year with either some cool cosmetics or Christmas items

Yes, I want christmas missions too but in this year :slight_smile:
impossible wait next year