Kini-sage and Drake-off

Its the end of the year and we survived. Most of us took some knocks this year but we made it! So lets have some fun and a bit of a party vibe to end the year with a Blast

Thanks to the sponsors BIG Industries and Deus Vult society we bring you…


If you think sweat is valuable and useful imagine how valuable sweat is from a drake. A snow drake to be precise. Ice cold sweat. Pure A-grade. You should get about 1 or two cans before you die but that is why we have to be many so we can laugh at the others while they die until its your turn of course. Cold damage type so most of our basic armors wont do jack to protect you.

Who is scared of the big bad drake?

Not me said I before I died.

Of course we will be killing the dry ones so for those needing to complete the snow drake mission join the team get your kill on.


So we all know sage (hats off to the original creator of course) and we are loaning the name and will be sweating chimera (a mob that wears pants, imagine that) while we all only wear kini’s (or underwear if you have no kini) and sweat them. Nice mid level mob so death should not be an issue.

And the do drop nice loots so again we plan to kill them, join the kill team if interested.

So get with the skinny dude whats in it for me

So the last year and more depleted the wallets of many and of course we have the sweaters who need peds to keep playing.

All kini-sage participants can sell sweat irrespective of agility limit

Those wearing Next Island bikini or mankini - 5k sweat at 2,5ped/k

Those wearing underwear or any other swimwear - 3k sweat @ 2,5ped/k

SAGE of course means giveaways and we will have exactly that. So there will be players giving away free items to attendants of the event based on …. well whatever reasoning they have may be a quiz might be who is dressed the coolest.

So whats in it for me to join Drake-off?

Well this is for the adrenaline junkies, the players who needs some excitement. And yes a prize will be given out. All who attend Drake-off will be in a draw for a prize. And some randoms I guess and a dev will help with some heals so maybe you get some A-grade frosty sweat.

So when is it all and where?

23rd of December 2021starting at 7pm game time at Crimson Fields for Drake-off till 8pm then we move to Misty Outpost for Kini-sage.

Still need some players to help host etc and if you are willing to help drop me a message in game Auberon Night.

Sponsors or assistance will be appreciated

Sponsors are
BIG Industries
Deus Vult
Loafington from Alien Trade Organisation

There will be a free warp from Calypso and Arkadia sponsored by BIG Industries. Warp will run at about 18:30. Talk to your local SSI staff to get a seat.

Prizes available for the event. Not all at full TT


Of course, I’ll come and help!!

Running around snow drakes in your underwear, who doesn’t want that?

come and help too
this is message more than 20 symbols :slight_smile:

Omg Night. Whats up with the SUPER cool name " Drake-off ".
Thanks alot for doing this. Ill be attending for sure!
Ill help with anything I can.

of course I’ll be there dusts off her bikini I’m ready xD


How could I possibly miss an event with all those guys running around in next to nothing. Looking forward to seeing ALL of you there xD


Im pleased to celebrate holidays in this thing :slightly_smiling_face:

add me as a team leader if you want :smiley:

hehe add me as a team leader if ya want :smiley: