Multi-Faction Daily What to choose?

How do you know what to choose from Juliana?

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If you mean what the rewards will be, then you can read here what options you can get from what choice. :slight_smile:
Ok, I see now that it didn’t link the page I chose. The VU notes to look for is VU 17.5.0 Release Notes


Try this link:

Scroll down toward bottom of page and look for Heading called 2419-Juliana Locations. It tells you where the various Juliana NPCs are and it also tells what rewards (blueprints) you get from each choice (Faction + Hunt, Mine, or Craft).

Very helpful resource. I use it daily,

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Haha, I was looking for that page since I was sure it was created.
But I didn’t find the specifics but now I saw you needed to click :wink:

Thank you!

that page is kinda dead now xD only way to get to it is if you have the link from before I’ve redone the daily missions but the multifaction one I’ve kept on this google sheet → Multifaction daily - Google Sheets its a lot of info to fit onto the site hence why I’ve been trying to find a better way to do it with the new daily mission search style. (new daily mission page →

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