Open Teleporters

Hello Next Island,

Back in the day Ancient Greece was very restricted, and all gear and implants were stripped from players upon entering. There was even an entry fee with Time Crystals etc.

Seeing how it is times have changed and things are always becoming more convenient/efficicent.

I was wondering if you’d consider removing the restriction of teleporting through Orpheus Cave.
Just allow players on NI to click AG and go to any TP they want and vice versa on the way back.

Thanks in advance for considering this!

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So this teleporter is part of a quest that leads you there, and it’s therefore part of the lore.
We don’t want to change this atm, if it happens, it needs to happen for a reason and fit the lore.
So it’s not impossible, we just haven’t looked at that specifically.
I’ll make a note of it and we will see. :slight_smile:

(From the NI side you can access any teleporters in AG though, it’s just the way back that is limited to Orpheus cave on the NI side.)

The teleporter gets me every time. I don’t understand the lore – perhaps I should but I prefer functionality and ease of gameplay over storyline

Well it really doesn’t matter anymore. The new UI made it not really smooth to use it the way we did previously. All of the teleporters in the list are grey, so if any is “greyed out” you can no longer tell.
So assuming nothing goes wrong, you will be happy with the VU. :slight_smile:


I also agree with avalon’s suggestion and also was thinking about something like this.
Times have changed and people don’t want to spend time teleporting too much.
Teleporting is still quite slow and it takes some time to load.
Also there are many issues where newcomers don’t know how to enter AG and we need to explain everytime that thay need to go to Orpheus cave firstm then open drop down menu and teleport.
I think there are people who don’t know how to get to AG, not bother to ask someone and simple not even enter AG because of this.
In some future I really wish to see something similar to how Monria/Dsec-9 works where you can teleport to any tp and from any tp.

We’re working on it, but it was more of a hassle than anticipated to change this.
We’ll keep trying but as of the upcoming VU, it’s only gonna be half done.
but I see the points, even though the main reason we want to change it, is because it’s no longer visible, that not all teleporters are available due to the grey text for all regardless.

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