A Guide to The Lodestone Reach

The Lodestone Reach is an island located off the eastern coast of Next Island. There is no TP on The Lodestone Reach. The closest TP is called Fenster Landing.

Access to The Lodestone Reach area is LOCKED until you complete a mission that allows you to enter it. If you attempt to enter this area before you have permission, you will be automatically teleported out.

How To Access The Lodestone Reach:

First, you must complete the mission requirements for Haruspex V.I.P. - Here is the information from the NI Helper page: https://www.nihelper.com/haruspex-vip

Basically, you will have to craft 3 attempts of each article of Haruspex clothing specific to your avatar’s gender. You’ll need the BPs. You can buy them (from Auction or privately) or you can earn them by completing certain Multi-Faction Daily missions from NPC 2419-Juliana.

Once completed, you will now have access to the Haruspex V.I.P. missions. One of those missions is called Haruspex Mining. This mission will require you to mine through 8 stages. Progression through each stage (1 through 8) simply requires you to extract approximately :asterisk:225 PED of any ore/enmatter. 225 PED per each stage x 8 stages = approximately 1800 PED worth of ore/enmatter to be extracted. You do not need to visit the NPC between stages. The stages will automatically advance even if you’re in the middle of a mining run.

:asterisk: Your mileage may vary. Please comment your observations. I just estimated, as I didn’t always pay close attention to the amounts of each stage.

Once you have completed Stage 8, you will be allowed access to The Lodestone Reach island.

Inside The Lodestone Reach:

This island area seems to be for miners. There are no mobs. There are some areas with steep terrain but most of the island is easily accessable to be mined either by vehicle or on foot. There are wooded areas (Yes, with harvestable trees :evergreen_tree: ), grassy flats, and sandy coastlines. Fruit, stones, and common dung can be found here. Vehicles are allowed, but Teleportation Chips are not. This is a safe, non-PVP area.

There are no outposts, terminals, or TPs on The Lodestone Reach at this time. The closest TP is Fenster Landing, which contains a tent with terminals. Fenster Landing is where you’ll arrive if you press T to revive (unless you’re at the southern tip - in which case you’ll end up at Orpheus’ Way).

Mining Finds on The Lodestone Reach:

All 4 Next Island specific ores/enmatter can found found on the island

  • Dark Lysterium

  • Praetonium

  • Sorensen’s Stone

  • Phlogiston

You can find the usual universal ores/enamtters as well as some Calypso specific stuff too.

I cycled 10k PED on The Lodestone Reach and here is the break down % of my finds:

Iron - 29.44%
Crude Oil - 23.49%
Lysterium - 13.2%
Force Nexus - 11.27%
Growth Molecules - 8.9%
Alferix - 3.49%
Acid Root - 2.93%
Praetonium 1.66%
Zinc - 1.16%
Solis Beans - 0.86%
Phlogiston - 0.65%
Narcansium - 0.58%
Dark Lysterium 0.38%
Belkar 0.35%
Blausarium - 0.29%
Sorensen’s Stone - 0.29%
Lytairian Dust - 0.19%
Terrudite - 0.18%
Garcen Grease - 0.18%
Quantium - 0.15%
Alicenies - 0.13%
Ignisium - 0.11%
Azur Pearls - 0.1%
Cobalt - 0.03%


Great post, I can see you’ve put a lot of thought and time into covering this :slight_smile: nice work!


Great info Bongie! Would love to see more info about ped cycled and %s of finds as you progress! Class A work mate!