Cuttable Trees and cool harvesting tools

Ok so I know this is already being looked into but I’m starting to be converted to the need to cut trees :laughing: You get quite a lot of different skills from cutting trees, I can see the appeal now lol. I hope to see cuttable tree on ni so I dont have to travel to toulan to cut trees. :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :palm_tree:

But also we also need some cool reskinned harvesting tools to go along with cuttable trees. Would love to see what a loyalist tool would look like to harvest trees or even an ag tool :axe: :axe:


Cat, that’s a good idea. For many years I have dreamed of seeing cuttable trees on NI and even better we could use boards and woods also in crafts

I absolutely agree!

NI is really behind in this aspect.
And of course we would need bp’s that use boards and/or wood shavings…and maybe a nice daily?

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I totally agree. Would be great to do it on NI instead of Toulan!

I am in. This is a great idea.
I was cutting trees on Caly some time back.
If we could get a few additional BPs that make use of the wood, that would greatly diversify our professions on NI

Yeah I have been a lumberjack since early days. Great mining and pet skills. Besides they dont shoot back. lol

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Updated tool… :grinning:



Harvestable Trees (and with that, the needed tools) is something we have been looking into in the background for Next Island - so it is definitely something we are interested in. That said, I understand we had some difficulties with implementing it. I will chat with the team to see what the current status of it is and feedback here :slight_smile:


Update: Discussed with the team and this is still something we are hoping to do. Currently we have some higher priority content to work on but rest assured it is very much something we are looking at in the background. :slight_smile:


Harvesting trees can be a pleasant interlude when playing EU. It is more purposeful than looking for fruits and stones, you can gain useful skills at a low cost (or even a small profit) and there can be different approaches. ie just vegeing out and chopping trees , or by adding risk by harvesting where the mobs are - or even PvP4 if there is that death wish that needs to be exercised.

Different lumber tools are sort of meh, there are enough already (though a NI version would be interesting.

There are other approaches that could be taken - because I don’t think this activity has been explored to its full potential. Sadly I do not have the imagination to consider what these could be.

However, I feel that there are those on the NI Development Team that could.

NI has impressed me greatly when I returned ( yes tempted back to get those cookies) the place has improved tremendously (has always been interesting & beautiful but sort of broken)
That no longer seems to be the case and I feel if ever there will be something added to make Harvesting more interesting/exciting - it would be happening here :slight_smile:


I am looking forward to this as well and mostly hope for some very dense spawns for nonstop woodcutting :smiley: Also would be nice if the materials were implemented into a daily since the woodcutting materials have no use in game except for furniture on toulan and the plank bp from caly that has no current use…