Next Island Adventures (travelingswunt)

Join me here to join the event… Twitch.
TT pistols and ammo will be provided to up to 11 players at a time. It will be a first come first serve basis, all are welcome. All loot is to be traded to me before a player leaves the team. ALL item drops however, will be split to the whole team as a bonus.
Anyone can supply their own tt pistol and ammo if they chose to do so, which in that case, your loot would be yours.
As members leave, others will have opportunity to take their place. All in a first come first serve basis. Example: if you are the 12th person to join, you will be first to take a spot once one opens.

Event registration starts as early as Noon central time every saturday. (17:00 MA time)
To get on the team list, join the stream and simply say hey, id like to join the travelingswunt team :slight_smile:

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