Next Island Unreal Engine 5 Press Release

Next Island is excited to express our dedication and passion to grow the Entropia Universe with Unreal 5. The expanded capabilities of an advanced engine, as well as the mind blowing graphics allowed by such an upgrade will enable Next Island’s development team to truly reach for the stars when seeking new content for our wonderful community.

Our team is already well versed in Unreal development, and we look forward to the challenge and opportunity of creating new realms, exploring interesting opportunities using new modules, and stretching the already impressive limits of the powerful Unreal 5 engine. We support this decision by MindArk, and look forward to continuing to build a powerhouse game that we will all be able to enjoy for decades to come.

Thank you all for continuing to support us by enjoying Next Island!

Next Island Development Team

Original MindArk Press Release


Glad to hear you guys are all good and prepped for the move. Are you able to comment any on how the move will go at this early stage? I’m thinking in regards to asset migration/recreating or moving things over from the old engine to the new one?

I ask as originally MA thought they’d not be able to bring things over from Gamebryo to CE2 and everything would be a rebuild, but as we know, they did manage to move some stuff over in the end, for example Zychion.

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Hey @Wistrel and welcome to the forum!

Appreciate the interest, though, as I’m sure you know - there is not much we can say at this stage. As the project develops I have no doubt more information will be published.

What I can say however, is that in terms of NI, our assets are certainly transferable, and all of our recently made models will absolutely shine in UE5 and were designed with the future in mind (though those same models look less good in CE2).

We are more than ready and prepared for this move and certainly excited.



No need to apologise, you answered everything I asked. Good job!

I’m sure there will be plenty you want to rework too simply because, well aside from time, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to. Guessing even if you are able to import even the landscape say, you’d probably want to/need to rework it for the new engine anyhow simply because it would make sense/be more fun to do things natively.

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