Patch Notes: 17.12

Greetings all,

As always, if something below is not correct, or you encounter any other bugs or issues - please report them either here, the NI Discord or directly to myself. We always hope for a smooth update and hope that these fixes/changes will be beneficial to you. Enjoy!

  • Trees fixed on Agamemnion Hero Estate
  • Shepherd’s Beach Micro Estate Deed spelling mistake has been corrected
  • Increased Sand Boar, Boars and Chimera spawn density.
  • Added additional Sand Boar spawn areas
  • Made Tables on Shepherd’s Beach estates to be crafting terminals.
  • Made AG PVP4 Zone visible on map by default
  • Incision plates are now not designated as a Rare item
  • Advanced Sinew spelling mistake fixed
  • Radius of Mission-required Exclusion Zone around VIP Loyalist House has been reduced slightly
  • Fixed refinement process for the different Neoweave items needed to create upgraded Incision plates.