Patch Notes: 17.18

Greetings all,

A few changes and fixes below have been implemented following the latest VU based on the bug reports and feedback from the community. As always, should you spot any issues or bugs, please report them via the Forum or Discord. Thank you.

Changes and Fixes:

  • The Beach Chair (C) and Beach Umbrella (C) can now be properly customized.
  • The BP name regarding the same items have been updated and the description on all new BPs have been adjusted to remove the L.
  • The (Decorative) statues in the Gorgon Wave area have been temporarily removed.
  • The daily Sweat quest has a better description making it more clear it’s not bottles collected that counts, but rather the number of successes.
  • The Bumpercars do not have an attachment slot anymore.
  • The new race on the rollercoaster now costs 1 silver ticket instead of 4 bronze.
  • White Wastelands now has a turret and the Portal Guardian spawns are a little bit more dense.
  • Revive added to Sparta.