Patch Notes: 17.16


  • Due to some problems with certain actions, the first person view has been removed from Hero’s Folly. And since it was a package deal, the PvP has also been removed.
    This combo might return at a later stage and then be more focused on the PvP part.
  • The entrance to Hero’s Folly has been moved to a more centered position at Crystal Lake.
  • The sign “Dionysus Doorway” was removed for clarity.
  • The Rollercoaster is for the time being at least, equipped with wooden start/finish signs that will hopefully always be visible.
  • The Carnival Ticket BPs are no longer tailoring but the more correct metal engineer.
  • Some minor tweaks to the landscape, texts, terminals and a certain chair.
  • Food, drinks and advice are now on the house. But just once per day, so choose wisely…

Will we be able to take part in a roller coaster race this time?

I believe it remains a known-issue at this time. However, fortunately it is an issue that is not occuring often.

I finally succeeded. Thank you for fixing the mission.

[System]: Mission updated (Race!)
[System]: You received [Screecher Puny Lollipop] x (1) Value: 0.1000 PED
[System]: You received [C6H12O6] x (1) Value: 0.0100 PED
[System]: Mission completed (Race!)

I can confirm it is working for me and my husband.

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I got the racing timer a few hours after completing the race, maybe this is part of the issue?

Aha, so that was you asking that lol.
I was wondering what you meant.
Ok so that’s weird and first time I’ve heard of it.
Can’t really say anything because I have no idea.
But thank you for the video and we will try and investigate if possible. :slight_smile:

If the Rollercoaster stops working again, please make a bug report in the discord channel. That way we can see it faster and fix it faster :slight_smile:

Does anyone remember the 1 hp papoo that used to be on the coaster racetracks when neverdie made them?

They were called booth monkeys or something, they had 1 hp and were the lowest hp mob in the game, they could not move and would respawn in the same spot, there were 4 or 5 of them in each booth in a line. can you bring them back?

Yes they still exists but when reworking the rollercoaster, they didn’t really fit in.
They might later on but for now they are benched.