Wisp’s Cosmic Odyssey Event

Wisp’s Cosmic Odyssey Event
This Friday 19th of May, I will be hosting a space/NI event! I will be joined by Empress Em Sword, People are welcome to join! notify me in game or on discord if you wish to participate. | More info by pressing → MORE INFO

EVENT STARTS 2PM MA time (14.00) / 4PM CEST (16:00)

Contact me here, You may also reply to this post

Discord | Salty Wisp #6671

In game | Wisp TheWisp Aho


Start 16:00 CEST / 14:00 MA TIME

There has been a problem with the Star Finder we were gonna use during the event, the event will be delayed, I post here when everything has been sorted. Might be hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OK we will be using SF6 Will start in about 30min

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It was nice to kill the gorgon and get the mission done, but its was a bit surprising that you stayed on NI for such a short time.

Great idea but didnt really feel as a NI event since NI was where you spend the least time.

Just a thought for next event :wink:

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Glad you enjoyed the gorgon event, the whole sheduale got messed up beacuse we had a bunch of problems getting hold of another warp ship with unfortunetly cut the time… ment to start at 2PM MA time but were delayed about 3h 30min, since we could not get people on the guest list. (owner not online), hopefully less issues next time. :slight_smile:

What i ment is that you posted it as a space/NI event.
Do you started in space and then on NI, then you went to ark.
So out of a 6 hour stream you were max on NI for 1 hour, so most was on other planets.
Thats what i ment with it not feeling like a NI event. But i still enjoyed the gorgon :slight_smile:

understand you, will have to put more time on NI next time or perhaps start on ark and then go ni :slight_smile: ty for taking part.

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