2022 Reward Redemption Thread

Avatar: Nakor of Boreft.
Category: Lore
Month: J uly 2022
5 pieces of lore: Lore Submission Thread - #86 by Nakor

Avatar: Czumbil Mczimi Imre
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: Twitch
Month: Juli



Avatar: Wand AxeMurderer Silva
Category: YouTube Videos
Posted: July 29 2022
Total Points: 50
Note: If for ANY reason you don’t feel a video qualifies let me know immediately via in game PM as I have plenty more.

Avatar: Xx Purplebong xX
Category: Lore
My 5 Chapters - July submission

Posted here: Lore Submission Thread - #88 by Purplebong

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Avatar: Anatol RidRock Bondarenko
Category: Streaming
Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgTiH4sJaJWnbM5pqw6HFmg
Month: Juli
Наглядное пособие по покраске вещей в игре Entropia Universe - YouTube
Готовимся к первому вылету в космос ENTROPIA UNIVERSE - YouTube
получаем чертеж на эксклюзивный транспорт Next Island - YouTube
Азы (основы) майнинга. Копаем золотой лопатой! - YouTube
основы создания вещей (крафта) в игре Entropia Universe - YouTube

total 50 points!

Isme Isme Gotitt

July Submissions :smiley:

Avatar: Miss Melbourne Jane
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: missjane3u - Twitch
Month: July
Enter Next Island https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1534642214 (1p)
Starting with the Screecher [missions Twitch](missions Twitch) (11p)
Testing Pappo Missions https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1548018316 (15p)
Pappo before server maintaince https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1548019706 (3p)
Screecher mission https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1548020592 (20p)

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Avatar: Mythical Razizeh Dragon
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/razizeh
Month: July

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1547108435 (25h)

Avatar: Tiffany Cummings Peniston
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: Twitch
Month: July
Stream - 2:31:30
Stream - 2:38:50
Stream - 4:02:00
Stream - 3:16:50
Stream - 2:26:30
Stream - 5:03:30
Stream - 2:18:30
Stream - 2:59:50

Avatar: Aurisk Morey Kenbi
Category: Streaming
Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/moreykz
Month: July


Avatar name: Goksel Prometheus Yurdakul
Twitch: wierdstreamer

I just started streaming EU and will be on ni for couple months i guess. I dont even this is how i enter this program but here we go

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Ava Avy-Leigh Val

July 20221
Category - Events

3 July 2022 - SSI Bought from 5 Players - 15 points
10 July 2022 - SSI bought from 7 Players - 15 Points
17 July 2022 - SSI bought from 6 Players - 15 Points
31 July 2022 - SSI bought from 8 Players - 15 Points

Hi there!

Avatar: Sarah SarahWatson Watson

For July I have the following:

Twtich: Twitch = 3.5 hours = 7 points
Twitch: Twitch = 7.5 hours = 15 points
Twitch: Twitch = 4.5 hours = 9 points
Twitch: Twitch = 4 hours (only half was on NI) = 8 points
Twitch: Twitch = 5.5 hours = 11 points

Event: On NI 31/07/2022: Brought sweat and gave out multiple items in giveaways with questions and loot guesses. Had healer and healed. Recorded on Stream= 15 points

Total points: 65

Any issues pleas let me know

Steve StevieB Braggs for July 2022

All videos had well over 100 views and 10+ likes as of midnight July 31 2022

Stephen kai jackson FFSI/HSSC event

15 events in total ((7pending on forum))

total points 225

proof pic on my forum as always :

Avatar: Matisyahu dllr root
Category: Event Organizers
Submitted for July 2022
Content: 4 events in total
Points: 4x15 =60 points - 3x BIG IND SSI 1x Deus Vult Race

Avatar: Akiyoshi HueLord3000 Hara
Catagory : Youtube Videos
Month : Juli


Avatar: Sophia Electra Sanders
Catagory: Youtube Videos
Month: July

As playlist:

Avatar: Auberon Night Night
Lore submission
5 Parts

Continuation of the storyline

Avatar: Dr Clausius Jr
Category: Event Organizers
Submitted for July 2022
Content: 4 events in total
Points: 4x15 =60 points - 4x BIG IND SSI