2022 Reward Redemption Thread

avatar one crappy player
month september
cat twitch stream

Twitch 11H19M
Twitch 4H 47M
Twitch 1H 49M
Twitch 7H 22M

Isme Isme Gotitt
5 lore submissions for September. :slight_smile:

Avatar: Matisyahu dllr root
Category: Event Organizers
Submitted for September2022
Content: 4 events in total
Points: 4x15 =60 points - 3x BIG IND SSI 1x Deus Vult

avatar: mmolatino El-demente youtube
category: youtube

Avatar: hun horus55 wut
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: Twitch
Month: September 2022
(Twitch)- 13:06 hours
(Twitch)- 12:12 hours

Avatar: Mythical Razizeh Dragon
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/razizeh
Month: September

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1604119934 (25h)

Avatar: Fatteus Fatty Thorsson
Category: Lore
Month: September
Link: Lore Submission Thread - Community Recognition Program - Next Island

Thank you for all your hard work, Socrates and the rest of the Next Island crew!
I’ll come get my armor pieces soon! :wink:

avatar: Anatol RidRock Bondarenko
category: youtube

Avatar: Nakor of Boreft
Category: Lore
5 parts for the month of September.
Posted: Lore Submission Thread - #115 by Nakor

Avatar: Xx Purplebong xX
Category: Lore
My 5 Chapters - September submission

Posted here: Lore Submission Thread - #114 by Purplebong

Thank you,


Avatar: La Dela Dalinha
Month: September
Category: Lore
5 entries: #26 to #30

Posted on: lore-submission-thread/77/116

Avatar: Mike th3Gaashi Shiro
Category: Event Organizers

Events (4 events):
Event #1 August - 04/09/2022
Event #2 August - 11/09/2022
Event #3 August - 18/09/2022
Event #4 August - 25/09/2022

Points: 4x15 =60 points

Posted on: PPG Hunting Event - #5 by Gaashi

Avatar: Stephen Kai Jackson
Category: Event Organizers
Month: September

Events: 9 posted in HSSC/FFSI forum page

Points = 135

Avatar: Steve StevieB Braggs
Catagory: Youtube Videos (NI Links are in the descriptions)
Posted: 10-2-22 for September 2022
Total Points: 50

Avatar: Dr Clausius Jr
Category: Event Organizers
Submitted for September2022
Content: 4 events in total (SSI)
Points: 4x15 =60 points


Full Avatar Name: WellPlayed Cod4 WellPlayed
Categories you believe you have earned points in: Event Organizer

Events done (October):

  1. 1.10 (Saturday) 18:00 - 19:00 game time
  2. 1.10 (Saturday) 20:00 - 21:00 game time
  3. 2.10 (Sunday) 14:00 - 15:00 game time
  4. 2.10 (Sunday) 16:00 - 17:00 game time

Thank you,
WellPlayed Cod4 WellPlayed

1500 words of lore/mission line for september
enough for 5 parts but didnt split it up
forgot to post here (facepalm)

Avatar: Painkiller Bounty Hunter
Category: Stream
Submitted for September2022

25+ hours of streaming

Link 1 8h
Link 2 12,5h
Link 3 8h
Link 4 9h

and more

Avatar: Tiffany Cummings Peniston
Category: Streaming
Twitch channel: Twitch
Month: September
Stream - 4:01:20
Stream - 3:01:20
Stream - 3:11:50
Stream - 3:00:00
Stream - 4:18:10
Stream - 2:44:00
Stream - 3:05:50
Stream - 1:56:50

Avatar: Auberon Night Night
Category: Lore Submission - 5 parts
Month: September