Bolker: The leader of the Village Boar

Hi I was wondering if Bolker had a storyline planned, if not it would be cool to have a story involving Bolker. Something like a backstory as to why it ended up at serpentine. I like bolker its one of my favourite bosses as I can kill it :smile_cat: just would be nice to have a quest for it.


Not only Bolker… today i discovered a place called “RACSS Hideout”… inside, a enormous Screecher called Raccs… not count in missions or codex… maybe together Bolker and more boses, a big quest?

o.o Where’s that? wp please, I must see :smile_cat:

[Next Island, 135387, 86131, 223, Waypoint] near

Not aware of any plans, but thanks for the suggestion - noted :wink:

I found the area called Raccs Hideout but there is no entrance to something underground nor do I see the big bird Raccs. :neutral_face:

I saw the bird, its a lvl 8, leader of the male screechers. Fell off the cliff before I could take a picture or kill it xD

Thanks Cat, I killed a bunch of the stalkers and prowlers in that area…maybe I need to kill more to get it to spawn.