NIM 2024 27th-29th October UPDATED: 01/06/2024

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the NIM 2024 page!

Last year in December we held NIM 2023 for the first time and it was a huge success. My thanks go out to everyone who made last year possible. I know some people have been waiting patiently for an update on NIM 2024 so without further ado, the NIM 2024 details are below!

The event

The event will consist of three days’ worth of Streaming and Competitions with the players present and online which will be in a relaxed environment. The specifics of the event are as follows:

Event time and date: 27th – 29th October 2024, 1pm-10pm UK TIME all 3 days. Updates on MA time will happen nearer the day.

Location – Magic Mayhem Hobbies- 49 - 51 St Leonards Rd, Bexhill-on-Sea TN40 1JA.

The owners of the store were amazing hosts and enjoyed every second of it. They were very enthusiastic about when the next event was going to occur.

The location itself will have washroom facilities, food both hot and cold, drinks and confectionary items. The owner is fully licensed to cook and serve food and drink on the premises with a 5-star health and safety report. Alcohol is not permitted on site.


Accommodation will NOT be provided to people who attend the event. However, there are many hotels and Bed and Breakfasts around the immediate area. Checking availability in early September shows that there are plenty of spaces left in many of the hotels around the area.

Suggestion: Dunselma Guest House 25 Marina, Bexhill-on-Sea TN40 1BP. Last event, all of the attendees stayed in this guest house and no one complained about the accommodation. The prices were deemed very fair for the time of year. It was within walking distance of the event.

I would recommend members converse with each other to share rooms to help keep costs as low as possible. Many of the suggested areas have rooms with large double beds or two single beds in a room.

Airport pickups

Airport Pickups are available from all London airports. This includes: Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted. There will be a small additional charge of £20 per person to get them to and from the airport. This can be paid in advance or on the day of arrival.


Admission to join the event is £75pp. This covers the members getting into the building as well as entering into any events that happen during the two days.

Please be aware that to confirm your place you will need to pay within 4 weeks of wanting to reserve a spot. If you do not pay before the 4-week mark your reserved place will be opened up again. Obviously, if there are any unforeseen issues please let me know.
Event Days breakdown UPDATED 01/06/2024

Two day event special!

This year we have arranged a few hunting achievements for the NIM event with some nice PED prizes to be given out! During the two live streaming days (and only whilst live on Twitch), hunters can compete on NI/AG to reach certain goals to win PED!

There are two categories you can compete in. Please note! You can only apply to be in one for the entire event and can only win up to two achievements. You cannot switch once you have joined your chosen category!

Entry is FREE. To enter, you must reply to this forum post with the chosen category and full in-game name!


If you are coming to NIM in person you have a V.I.P achievements list instead and are automatically signed up! Same prizes, all achievements open for members present. Teams are enabled with other members at the NIM (meaning teams can split a winning achievement PED prize).

An Example Team: ‘Watson&Cat NIM’ killed snow Drake 546 ped HOF! – The team will get 100 PED and split in their agreed terms. Remember teams are for NIM participants only.

Below show the categories and what goals are in each!

27th October – This day will have myself streaming and hosting.

Proposed schedule UPDATED: 01/06/2024

11am – 5pm: This will be a sweat event where we will do a large sweat buy over the course of the 6 hours. This will not be limited to in-game but also on stream as well where an avatar can win multiple times. During this time we will have a scheduled warp picking up people from all planets and bringing them to Next Island at 12pm MA time. We will be utilizing the SF28 and SF6

5:30pm – 8:30pm: This will be the final event of the day. A Dev spawn event located in Ancient Greece. The location is to be determined.


28th October – During this day, Cat will be streaming and hosting her ‘Cat’s Birthday Bash Extravaganza’.

Proposed schedule

11am – 2pm: This will be a sweat event where giveaways will occur both in-game and on stream. The type of mobs spawned for this day is to be confirmed when Cat has come to a decision.

2:30pm – 3:30pm: A bumper car race will take place this time at Carnival Island on the race track. Prizes will be awarded for the top 5 places. Rewards will be finalized in the later months.

4pm – 5pm: ‘The creature pill, last to kill’ event. This is where someone will consume a mob pill, run around an allocated area and try to avoid being killed. The person who got the killing shot on the mob will win a prize. These will be determined in the later months. A rule restriction on this will be that only TT weapons are allowed to shoot the mob. If someone is seen breaking this rule then they are banned from the event for the rest of the duration and they will not win a prize.

5:30pm – 8:30pm: This will be finalized in the later months.


29th October – This day will be a quiet day compared to the others. There will be no public stream or event, just the players spending time in the game and having a group hunt event with a mob of their choice with Ammo and guns provided. This is an optional event for the players they do not have to join if they don’t want to. From the last NIM event, it was noted that a lot of the players present enjoyed a 3rd and final day relaxing game day after the fast-paced two days.

Please keep an eye out for any changes that might happen over the course of the next few months. If changes do occur they will be updated here on the forum and a post will be made on the official NIM discord here: Next Island Meetup (NIM) .

Current list of attendees

Below is a list of current members that have shown interest in attending. This is NOT the final list of members attending and can change throughout the planning period. Their are a maximum of 15 slots!

  1. Sarah SarahWatson Watson – Event Organiser - UK

  2. Pollianna cat1000er Fairling – Admin (UK side) - UK

  3. Rawr66 Rawr66 Rawr66 – Admin (Sweeden side) -SWE

  4. Next Island Offical Circe - SWE

  5. PurpleBong - UK

If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to ask on this forum post or the discord channel!

I hope to see you at NIM this year!


Count me in. :slight_smile:

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Hey Purple!

I’ve reserved you a spot! Please pay before the 29th of March to guarantee your spot. Please DM me on Discord for paypal info! :smiley:

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Registering here is only for the UK meetup, right? Not to participate in the events.

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You can also apply for events here too! Just state clearly either Nextisland Meetup or Achivements event upper/ lower catagory :slight_smile: and obviously give your full IGN

Remember for the achievements event you can only pick One category and cannot change it once you have decided

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Thank you, I missed that part and totally skipped the images. :grimacing:

Please, register me for lower category hunting: Honö Âmaer Feocennodé

Haha! That’s alright at least you looked back!

I have added you to the lower category event! See you in October!

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ill join the lower event please

Hi Dewdrop!

I have added you to the list! I look forward to seeing you at the event in October!